Application Guidelines

This call for entry is open to all artists and artisans. Groups of artists or artisans of the same media (such as wood, fibre, etc) may register together but each member must submit individual works for the selection process. The maximum number of individuals per group is three (3). If you will be part of a group, please include the group name and contact person on the application form. Please note that group exhibitors will collectively have no more space than an individual artist and that any advertising will only include the group name. Artists must reapply every two (2) years from their work to be assessed. Therefore, if your work is accepted you will be automatically in the show for two years (the year of acceptance and the following year).

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Arts on the Trail Festival
September 29th, 2018, 9AM-5PM
In and Around Elliot Lake, Ontario
For More Information
(705) 848-2287 ext 2400

About Arts on the Trail

On the last weekend in September, arts, colour and entertainment come to life like nowhere else.
Set amongst the flora and fauna of the beautiful Algoma District, Arts on the Trail is a scenic, self-guided art tour in and around the City of Elliot Lake.

Support Us

Arts on the Trail is a not-for-profit event made to help support the Arts and Culture community. As such we are always looking for volunteers and donations to help keep the event going.