Call For Entry

Information Needed to Apply As An Artist for Arts on the Trail

Application Guidelines

This call for entry is open to all artists and artisans. Groups of artists or artisans of the same media (such as wood, fibre, etc) may register together but each member must submit individual works for the selection process. The maximum number of individuals per group is three (3). If you will be part of a group, please include the group name and contact person on the application form. Please note that group exhibitors will collectively have no more space than an individual artist and that any advertising will only include the group name. Artists must reapply every two (2) years from their work to be assessed. Therefore, if your work is accepted you will be automatically in the show for two years (the year of acceptance and the following year).

Fees and Deadlines

Selection & Registration Fees

Selection Fee: $35.00 plus HST ($4.55) = $39.55 per individual (must accompany digital images)

Artist Registration Fee: $100.00 plus HST ($13) = $113 per artist (due upon acceptance)

Group Registration Fee: $175.00 plus HST ($22.75) = $197.75 per group (due upon acceptance)


Deadlines and Timelines


All Applications for September 2018 Have Been Processes

Show Standards

1. All artwork must be original, quality, handcrafted work which is designed and executed by the accepted artist or follow traditional patterns, or be a skillful adaptation of a published pattern.

2. Any artwork made from a commercial pattern, mould or created by anyone other than the artist is not eligible for acceptance.

3. Any machine or mass produced artwork, commercial casts, or production studio work is not eligible for acceptance.

4. Work made from purchased kits or the use of decals, is not eligible for acceptance.

5. No commercial reproductions or embellished commercial products are allowed.

6. No commercially made forms, products, garments or settings of any kind are permitted. No imports, factory-produced or brokered items allowed. No resale items or discounted items will be permitted.

7. Artists may only show work in categories approved by the Selection Committee. Selection of an artist's work within one category shall not be deemed to authorize exhibition by the same artist in any category.

8. No food items may be sold by the exhibitor.

9. Artists must be present with their work for the entire duration of the Festival.

10. Abusive or disrespectful behavior towards Arts on the Trail patrons, volunteers or fellow artists by artists or their representatives will result in immediate dismissal from the event with no refund forthcoming and disqualification from the Arts on the Trail in the future.

Application Checklist

Please make sure that you submit the following to complete your application:

1. 3 - 5 pieces of work in digital format with no identification on the images.

2. 20 - 30 work description of yourself and your work.

3. Selection Fee cheque - $35.00 + HST - $39.55 per individual

4. Completed application form

5. Signed agreement

Selection Process

Applicants must submit 3-5 separate pieces of work as digital images. Images should be sufficiently high quality (800 X 600 pixels minimum) that will allow the Selection Committee to soundly assess and review the work. All work must have been produced in the last 3 years.

Applicants may submit up to five (5) images of each entry. We recommend multiple views be submitted for 3-dimensional work.

Each entry must be clearly identified as belonging to a specific media category as follows:

1. Pottery/Ceramics/Sculpture

2. Fibres (includes baskets, weaving, clothing, quilts, dolls, batik, etc.)

3. Glass

4. Jewellery

5. Leather/Fur

6. Photography

7. Painting / Drawing

8. Wood

9. Other (please specify on application form)

The selection process is blind and applicants are anonymous. No identification may be present on any piece of work for entry. Failure of this will render an application ineligible for the selection process.

Entries will be evaluated by a Selection Committee which will be composed of 2 artists, 2 arts professionals and 1 member of the community. Selection Committee members will review work independently and submit confidential results to the Organizing Committee.

For the sake of privacy, confidentiality and to eliminate and real or perceived occurrences of bias or influence, selection committee names will not be released.

Selection committee will score work on a scale of 1 - 10 for each of the following criteria:

1. Technical ability

2. Creativity

3. "Je ne sais quoi"

Selection committee members will be encouraged to include constructive criticism of the entries in order to enhance the growth of each artist.

Scores from each selection committee will be tallied for each artist by members of the Organizing Committee. Applicants with the highest aggregate scores, to a maximum of 40 exhibitors, will be invited to participate in the show. Work must meet a show standard of 65% to be included in the show. Decisions of the Organizing Committee are final and cannot be contested.

Decisions and Selection Committee comments on their work will be sent to each artist.

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On the last weekend in September, arts, colour and entertainment come to life like nowhere else.
Set amongst the flora and fauna of the beautiful Algoma District, Arts on the Trail is a scenic, self-guided art tour in and around the City of Elliot Lake.

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