Special Attractions

Local Musicians

Enjoy local musicians playing at all four venues throughout the day.
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Musicians include Fern McCoy, Roger Legacy, Trilogy, Jim Graham, Johnny Tyger, Patrick Guite, Tanner Reinhardt, Dominique Jean, Valerie Mercer-Spencer, Brian & Louise Williams, Ponto Paparo, Shane Miljevic, and Dayeton Larson.

Youth Art Exhibition at Collins Hall

Arts on the Trail has taken pride in showcasing the work of upcoming young artists and the work of our children from local schools and youth art programs. This year we continue to bring you the work of the exemplars of a selection of our schools.


Throughout the weekend, some of the artists will be demonstrating their work. See the work involved and the process of creating, and take a moment to chat with the artists about their work.

Digital Creator North Exhibit

This free media arts program for youth ages 11-19 offers multi-media equipment covering a wide variety of digital art forms. DCN will showcase students work, including Logo stop-motion, green screen special effects, hand drawn animation, and photography. More information on this unique program can be found on their Facebook Page at “Digital Creator North” or by emailing them direct at elliotlake@digitalcreator.ca

HeART of the Community

Designed with special meaningful items donated by the public such as old photographs, fabric, written word, and art, the “HeART of the Community” Collage is representative of the diversity of our citizens and how art connects us all.
Items may be dropped off to the COLLINS HALL during Arts on the Trail and we will also continue to accept items at the Collins Hall up until November 1. After which, local artist, Christine Roberts will begin to design the piece and it will be unveiled at a later date and become a part of The City’s Public Art Collection. This unique public art piece will be on display during the event and at a later date will be permanently displayed at a public building in Elliot Lake.
This project is a collaborative art initiative designed by Christine Roberts and supported by the citizens of Elliot Lake and Arts on the Trail.

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Arts on the Trail Festival
September 28th, 2019, 9AM-5PM
In and Around Elliot Lake, Ontario
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About Arts on the Trail

On the last weekend in September, arts, colour and entertainment come to life like nowhere else.
Set amongst the flora and fauna of the beautiful Algoma District, Arts on the Trail is a scenic, self-guided art tour in and around the City of Elliot Lake.

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Arts on the Trail is a not-for-profit event made to help support the Arts and Culture community. As such we are always looking for volunteers and donations to help keep the event going.